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Sharklet Sports Yoga Mat, Safe for Health

by Bella JIN on December 04, 2020  in best yoga mathealth sportsharklet yoga matthick yoga matyoga mat
sharklet yoga mat in four colors
Sharklet has created the cleanest and safest fitness mat for your health. When buying or considering a new yoga mat, one thing most people overlook is that their yoga mat might be toxic and dangerous for them and the environment. Yoga mats usually are made from non-recyclable or non-compostable materials that will end up in a landfill when thrown away. These are the toxic materials that often aren’t safe for the mat user and the environment.

Choosing a natural yoga mat doesn't mean you are 100% safe, as some parts of the mat might still be made with these toxic materials. It also could have been manufactured using harmful chemicals that are then released into the environment. Fortunately, Sharklet provides the newest innovation, producing sustainable, chemical-free, non-toxic yoga mats. 

Introduction to the Sharklet Materials 

the texture of sharklet yoga mat

Sharklet’s goal is to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in antibacterial applications, and to prevent the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by applying a nature-inspired strategy that has been effective in antifouling for millions of years.  Inspired by the patterns of shark skin, Sharklet alters surface texture to achieve microbial control. Sharklet technology helps prevent microorganisms from colonizing and growing on the surface. Sharklet inhibits bacterial contamination with advanced micro-patterned surface technology. Aside from its ability to inhibit bacteria growth and even limit transfer of viruses by touch, it can also reduce the transmission of harmful microorganisms. Different from chemical disinfectants and antibacterial products, Sharklet protects users from bacterial infections by design only. Sharklet is particularly suitable for medical devices and consumer products, especially those with frequent and direct contact with hands and fingers.

No Harsh Chemicals

The hygienic properties of Sharklet are purely structural, which is now applied to yoga mats to ensure clean and enjoyable workout sessions. Its surface, made up of an array of ridges so tiny that they appear flat to the eye, is designed to keep microorganisms from latching on. It can help you stay clean with a naturally designed protection for all your fitness exercises. It is highly durable, flexible, and gives you a natural-feeling.

a girl did yoga on sharklet yoga matYou will spend a lot of time on your yoga mat! Especially if you are pregnant or plan to be: you should particularly care as a lot of mats have hormones disrupting chemicals that can hurt you and your baby (or even your chances to conceive). If you are practicing yoga as a way to get back in shape or if you recently had a respiratory issue, you should absolutely choose a chemical-free Sharklet Sports yoga mat.
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